A development of the REO innovation department

-25% power dissipation thanks to REO EDGE-WINDING

Sven Reimann


“Edge winding technology is an innovation of our development team, which is constantly researching intensively into the latest technologies and always thinking along new lines. We have recognized the opportunity of the new winding technology and since 2020 have been able to produce in small or large series and offer our customers extremely fast delivery times. What particularly excites me about the N CNW series is the cooling property, which enables alternative materials to be used thanks to the single-layer structure and makes insulating material almost superfluous. On the one hand, the dimensions and weight are reduced, on the other hand, the service life increases and the range of applications is wider than with conventional winding techniques.“ Sven Reimann

Better cooling and higher frequencies


REO continues to advance the use of EDGE winding technology with the introduction of the latest generation of the N CNW choke and filter series. With increased effectiveness and lower weight at the same time, the new series with high edge winding feature extremely efficient cooling due to their single-layer design – especially when forced cooling is used.
Due to the improved cooling, aluminum conductors can be used as a substitute for copper conductors, depending on the design. In conjunction with automated production, manufacturing costs could therefore be further reduced.
The lower weight and smaller dimensions are possible thanks to the reduction of skin and proximity losses. The EDGE winding is particularly suitable for semiconductors based on new materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

Due to the lower winding capacitance, the high-cant winding can also be used at higher frequencies. Almost no insulating material is required, so that the service life is increased.

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