The dream of a 3D-printed house – already a reality today thanks to REO

›› REO braking resistors in use at the world’s largest construction site for 3D-printed houses

The largest settlement of 3D-printed houses in the world is currently being built in Austin Texas (USA). Thanks to innovative robotics with REO components, intelligent software and advanced materials, a total of 100 houses will be completed by the end of 2022. The 3D printers use REO’s BW 156 series braking resistors for this purpose. These compact braking resistors are ideally suited for the drives used and can also be used permanently in adverse environments thanks to their very good thermal performance.
REO is thus making a significant contribution to one of the biggest technological innovations of recent decades in the construction sector. This is because 3D printing of houses is clearly superior to both solid and prefabricated construction in many areas. With a maximum size of 3,000 square feet, the houses are printed quickly, accurately and cheaply primarily by a single robot. Labor shortages, material shortages and botched construction are thus a thing of the past, and the global housing crisis is being countered.

For many families, this makes the dream of owning a home affordable, and the environment benefits: The houses are energy-efficient and there is hardly any waste and no dirt or pollutants caused by construction machinery.
3D printing also enables material construction that is more resistant and durable than conventional building materials. Potential damage from natural disasters is thus minimized.

We look forward to more 3D projects and are excited to see where the journey takes us. Perhaps to the moon or to Mars?

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