REO DC Chokes in New Berlin Underground Trains

Special DC mains choke with EMC conformity

›› Technological advancement through collaboration between REO TPM and ABB

The unveiling of the new Stadler subway series JK marks a significant step in the development of Berlin’s rail network. In comparison to the over three-decade-old trains, the new train represents a leap into a new era of technology.
While there are hardly any noticeable differences externally, the JK series impresses with a plethora of innovations internally. Enhanced spatial perception, more generous standing room, and vertical handrails, rendering grabbing ceiling bars unnecessary, are just some of the highlights. The bent handrails also facilitate passage for wheelchair users. Additionally, space-saving screens and integrated size indicators on signs indicating spaces for disabled persons are part of the modernized interior.
The initial test cars will now traverse the Berlin subway network in January before being put into regular passenger service starting in late summer 2024. The introduction of this new subway series represents a significant advancement in rail technology and lays the groundwork for further innovations in the future.
The technological advancement is driven forward by the collaboration between REO TPM and the customer ABB. Together, a special DC network choke was developed by the end of 2021 to integrate it into the new subway cars. As an essential component of the drive train, this choke provides important protection against circuit-induced current spikes and reduces harmful network feedback.
A notable feature of the DC network choke is its EMC conformity, ensured by the thick iron plates surrounding the choke. This guarantees that electromagnetic interferences are minimized, thus enhancing the safety and reliability of subway operations.

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