Certification ed 3.2

›› Isolating transformers for medical technology – ed 3.2

REO AG has successfully completed the certification for the new Edition 3.2 of their REOMED isolation transformers. This certification will become mandatory from October 2024 and underscores the quality and reliability of the REOMED series, which is specifically developed for medical technology.

The isolation transformers of the REOMED series offer the highest level of safety and reliability, essential for use in medical devices. These transformers are used in a wide range of medical applications worldwide, from hospital equipment to complex medical imaging systems. The REOMED transformers are distinguished by their excellent insulation capabilities and low electromagnetic interference, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

An example of the products in this series is the REOMED 2200, which is unique with its rated output power of 2200 VA and serves as a unique selling point. The REOMED 2200 stands out due to its compact design and high efficiency. Thanks to the extensive experience and technical expertise of REO AG, this isolation transformer offers improved voltage stability and optimised heat dissipation, leading to an extended lifespan and increased operational safety.

With the successful certification of Edition 3.2, the REOMED isolation transformers are well-prepared for the future demands of the market. This certification demonstrates that REO AG continues to provide reliable and safe solutions for the medical technology sector.

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